Jun 17, 2011

Polyrhythmics – Labrador

Polyrhythmics are an all original 8-piece funk and worldbeat orchestra comprised of some of Seattle’s finest rhythmic and melodic musicians. The music is a fusion of styles from all over the world, featuring unique, forward thinking arrangements, stellar improvisation, heavy grooves, and dynamic interplay.

Polyrhythmics have quickly gained notoriety playing to packed clubs and festival crowds all over the Northwest, and their self-titled EP has been charting on radio playlists up and down the west coast. They are poised to release Labrador, their first full-length album, this summer, which continues the musical mission set forth in their self-titled EP released in 2010.

Polyrhythmics truly offers something for everyone, from the most discerning listener to the eager-to dance socialites in the club. Whether it’s the tight horn lines, infectious percussion, powerful rhythmic grooves, or clever arrangements that grab you 1st, make no mistake, if the Polyrhythmics are on the stage, the place will be jumping, and the only question at the end of the night will be when the band is playing next.




Heavy and hypnotic rhythms, raw percussion, global jazz funk inspired horns, organ grooves and tasty guitars from Seattle's Polyrhythmics – a young group that to date has just an EP and this self-titled full length to their name – yet they sound like they could have decades of experience in far-reaching global funk! There's a rhythmic dexterity to their sound that's as solid as just about any contemporary combo of the kind we can think of. They didn't pick the band name out of a hat, that's for sure – but, we wouldn't short change the horn section or any other facet of the 8-piece group. There's a clear love of classic Afro Funk, but they don't set out to replicate that vibe. They use it as a spring board and work for and reach a timelessly effective groove .



01. Car Crash
02. Nurple
03. The Imposter
04. Moonroof
05. Stinky Finger
06. Poncherello
07. Labrador
08. Bear Claw
09. Revenge of the Sneaky Spider

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  1. This is some of the best original afro-funk I have ever heard! Damn! Great Band !