Jan 19, 2012

The Brighton Beat - The Brighton Beat LP (free download)

Boston's new afrobeat group. Bringing together a wide range of influences and sounds, aimed to bring you joy to your ears and movement to your feet.

The Brighton Beat was formed in 2010 out of a love for afrobeat, old and new. Although it's a new project, the musicians in The Brighton Beat have been playing music together for years. Realizing their common love for jazz and afrobeat, they decided to set forth on an adventurous path, writing their own interpretation of afrobeat-funk in today's modern world. The band takes influence from many styles; everything from Fela Kuti and Antibalas to John Coltrane, and Medeski, Martin, and Wood help spark the creativity of the group. In late 2010, they recorded their first self-titled EP, which has received rave reviews in the jazz-world. Their unique approach translates into an invigorating live performance, combining tight arrangements, fresh grooves, and a very jazz-influenced sound. The Brighton Beat is sure to be a fun, interactive, and memorable show.

The Brighton Beat

1. Pinball
2. Changing Elevators
3. Giraffe
4. Capture The Flag
5. The Paradox
6. Indian Summer

The album can be officially downloaded for free here!!!

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