Jan 26, 2012

F. Kenya - The Powerhouse Vol. II (get it)

Dr. F. Kenya is probably one of the greatest living highlife guitarists in Ghana. His two Powerhouse LPs, which he performed on and composed, epitomize the seriousness of the guitar band format, up to par with such luminaires as Nana Ampadu or K. Frimpong.


A1. Ewule Ama Mandobe
A2. Benwonyia
A3. Nzema Kotoko
A4. Aya Bomo
B1. Bodeba
B2. Mewu A Bezume
B3. Woahonl
B4. Ada Melangoa

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  1. get it

    as fast and as long as it as possible ... everybody knowns the difficult circumstances for us nowadays ....