Jan 16, 2012

Fire Tongue - Wayo Bring War

Born in Cameroon in 1971, he plays the guitar, the keyboards and accordion since the age of 6. After growing up in Yaoundé where he learned jazz with his guitar teacher, Fire Tongue leaves for Nigeria where he discovers Fela Kuti, a vaster field of expression that seduces him.

He meets Rex Lossen, Etienne T-Boy, Geraldo Pino and plays the first part of Fela Kuti in 1995. Fire Tongue forms T-Boy with Etienne (Golden Album in Africa) and moves to Paris where he plays in prestigious venues such as New Morning, Divan du Monde, Flèche d’Or …

In 2002 Discograph releases their maxi vinyl “Bring Peace”. At the recording sessions the encounter with the sound engineer was very important and ended up with the sound engineer actively participating in the recording of this work, a very genuine but modern afro beat, that goes from blues to dub, from afro beat to electro the whole of it preserving an original purity in its musical conception.

Fire tongue depth and fluent music has given a new life to afro beat, Fire Tongue is a new sensation that brings together tradition and modernity.

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01. Aié/Commot for Road
02. Wayo Dey Bring War
03. Poéhitiky Madness
04. We Get to Do It Together
05. When Afro Meets Blues
06. Send Some Hope
07. Wayo de Bring War [Dub]
08. Aié/Commot for Road [Instrumental Version]
09. Poéhitiky Madness

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