Feb 10, 2014

Survival – Simmer Down

While bands like Ofege and BLO have slowly becomes household names for collectors, there are still many Nigerian bands and albums that have remained unknown in most circles.  Survival’s lone effort ‘Simmer Down’ is one of those albums.  Primarily an Afro Rock album, it contains psychedelic, soul, afrobeat, funky and progressive moments, all done in a raw nature with unpolished mixes and an underlying consistency that doesn’t lose the listener.  Songs are filled with fuzz guitar solos, flute solos & organ solos.  Recorded by a group of talented High School students at the legendary ARC studio owned by ex-CREAM drummer Ginger Baker, this album seems to have remained under the radar until now.  Filled with complete notes by the band with photos and history, including a story detailing a battle against OFEGE at the infamous ‘Space Funk’ competition.  A limited edition pressing of 1000 copies on LP, with insert and photos and 800 CD with 12 page booklet.  A gem from Nigeria, and one you won’t find an original for anytime soon.



A1 Ripples
A2 Survival
A3 Meditation
A4 Emotions
B1 Simmer Down
B2 Own Kind of Trouble
B3 Jungle Justice
B4 Chewing Dust
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