Aug 20, 2009

Fanga - Natural Juice


Fanga means 'Force' (spiritually speaking) in Dioula, one of the numerous dialects of Western Africa.

This French group of 7 musicians, deeply immersed in Afrobeat - a musical language pioneered by Fela Kuti in the 70's, combining African music, jazz and funk - was born from an encounter between the hip-hop programmer Serge Amiano and the rapper Yves Khoury (aka Korbo) of Burkina Faso.

In its present form, Fanga is essentially based on classical Afrobeat. However, the absence of a brass section as well as the judicious integration of samples and electronic sources mark a departure from this traditional musical structure, thus bringing to it the sonic identity of a group rather than that of a collective.

Korbo's vocals, verging between rap and spoken word also contribute a present-day slant, naturally synthesising the meeting point between Africa and rap. An initial line-up with programmed drums and a few musicians sees the light of day in 2001, with a 6 tracks promotional CD entitled “Afrofanga”'. With the indispensable addition of a drummer, the group went on to bring out its first album 'Afrokaliptyik' in 2004.

Although Fanga is not entirely about traditional Afrobeat, its foundations are the same: a single pulse, long improvisatory sections of sax and analog keyboards, a trance of hypnotic rhythms. Its discourse fights for fundamental human rights, for the right to be different, denounces the inequality created by the quest for profit and embraces the re-integration of humanity and Earth.



01. Crache La Douleur Feat Tony Allen
02. Natural Juice Ashanti Mix
03. Kononi Feat Kady Diarra
04. Ni I Matoro
05. I Didnt Know
06. Iba
07. Bolli
08. Noble Tree Feat Segun Damisa
09. Keneya
10. Kelen
11. Noble Tree Notaliban Remix

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