Aug 26, 2009

Swedish Afrobeat: "Music Is The Weapon"


This 12 man music-collective started out as a tribute band to one of Africa’s greatest musicians ever known, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. With time, they went from exclusively playing his music and his music only to creating afrobeat music of their own.

This powerful, strong, 12 man band has moved on to being a innovative, creative band, with the same spirit as before, now even stronger with a personal sound. Taking Afrobeat music into the 21st century creating their own version, interpreting what afrobeat music is to them, giving the music Fela Kuti ones created a new sound.
Music is the Weapon is a band built on friendship, love, energy and strong musicians with passion for Afrobeat.

This January they recorded their debut album, exclusively own material. The demand for this soulful band was larger than expected and long before the album release in the beginning of May the band received a lot of attention from newspapers, blogs, radio stations (such as P3 Rytm and P3 Lab).

So far, all of Music is the Weapons performances have been crowded and sold out, and with an audience more than satisfied. Music is the weapon is now looking forward to spreading their energy, love and music around the world.

With Music is the weapon on stage, you can count on, a captivating, energetic horn section, each horn player with a different sound and character, this band is swinging for real. With magic rhythms in the spirit of Tony Allen, you find yourself dancing like you’ve never danced before, to rough, passionate, Nigerian funk.



01. Alla måste dansa
02. Around the fire
03. The Mighty Sparrow
04. En Cowboy i Holmsveden
05. Song for Fela Kuti
06. Copyriot
07. Slå på trumman!
08. G.F.
09. Baron Trenck

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