Aug 27, 2009

Feso Trombone - Freedom Train

Feso Trombone was the valve trombonist for the late Fela-Kuti.

Feso Trombone is a Nigerian trombonist whose afro funk collection 'Freedom Train' was recorded in Belgium.

Fesobi Olawaiye, better known as Feso Trombone, played trombone with Fela Kuti in his country of origin Nigeria. He moved to Belgium in the late 70s, early 80s to develop his solo career as a musician. In the early 80s (83 or 84, I'm not sure), he recorded this record called Freedom Train on a local label called Antler Records (the label from Maurice Engelen from Pragha Khan), that mostly issued new-wave and early electronical music. But Freedom Train is an exception in Antlers catalogue. It is a pure Afro Funk/Afro Beat album. There's the very whipping up 'Beautiful World', that starts with a drum break, but my favorite track is 'Beginning of the end', with this typical hypnotic afro funk groove. The title track 'Freedom Train' was compiled on Essential Afrobeat: The Very Best Of Afrobeat, Selected By Dele Sosimi. This record was released on cd as well.



01. freedom train
02. give and take
03. beautiful world
04. beginning of the end
05. long way to go

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