Aug 1, 2009

Kola Ogunkoya Gbedu Master - Gbedu Afrobeat 2008

Kola is no doubt a world-class musician who has evolved new sounds and combined elements of pure artistry in his lyrics and arrangement. Kola Omo Baba Olopa combines eclectic blend of jazz, Afro beat, highlife, juju, funk and traditional Yoruba music, using horns, guitars and keyboards along with traditional Nigerian instruments in his Sayo Music. Kolas unparalleled innovativeness in his music makes him one of the greatest musicians of this generation.


Contemporary grooves from gbedu master Kola Ogunkoya -- but work that really stretches back to a 70s Afro Funk pedigree! The material here is highly rhythmic -- build up from bouncing drums and some occasional beats, and topped with horn passages that shift back and forth nicely -- amidst some more surprising instrumental twists that Kola brings to each track. There's a really different feel going on here than some of the other Afro Beat revival groups out there -- an approach to the music that's perhaps a bit more relaxed, but no less energetic -- just confident in its soul and direction, even when things are changed up a bit.



1. Shakie Bodie Afrobeat
2. Pemi Loruko Afrobeat
3. Political Assasination Afrobeat
4. Discoverlization
5. Right Now
6. Yemisi
7. Iye Jemila
8. Plenty Reason
9. Bamijo
10. Chelsea London Dry Gin

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