Sep 17, 2009

Adubiifa 67 - It´s a new day...


Mr. Adubiifa was born in Gardena, California and raised in Pasadena, California. He has been involved with music since early childhood and played many styles of music in his youth. He received his degree in African American Studies in 1993 from Howard University in Washington DC. Mr. Adubiifa has worked hard on both coast to assist those who have fallen through the cracks of society obtain food, clothing and shelter. He currently works in Pasadena as a case manager at a homeless shelter.
His musical influences include the music of Fela Kuti, Herbie Hancock, The Meters, Poncho Sanchez, Miles Davis and The Crusaders (just to name a few). He notes that his biggest influence, comes from the Yoruba Spiritual path of Ifa and the peace and focus that Ifa gives his life.

His newest musical offering, “It’s A New Day…” is a beautiful mixture of Afro beat, Funk, Jazz and Latin rhythms and is designed to get the mind, body spirit dancing! Mr. Adubiifa believes that music is a powerful healing force in the universe and is essential for the positive spiritual advancement of wo/mankind.
So, stand up and enjoy the delightful sounds of Adubiifa 67’s “It’s A New Day…”!



Where did Adubiifa 67 originate?

Adubiifa 67 got its start out of jam sessions that we used to have about once a month. We would get together barbeque, tell jokes, talk politics and social reform and play music. I would tape the jam sessions and I really began to dig the energy and fusion that was taking place. So, my twin brother (bittah munk) and I discussed the direction to go and then presented the idea to the musicians.

Who are the members and how were they selected? What was the process for selections and who spearheaded?

Most of the musicians are studio musicians coming from different styles of music and we all wanted to expand and try something new. I am very blessed with being able to work with such beautiful and talented people.

How long has Adubiifa 67 been together?

It all really started to jell and come together in the fall of 2004.

What is the goal of Adubiifa 67- political statements/ just plain good music/a release or outlet for you?

Musically the goal is to create beautiful grooves. The Meters are one of my biggest influences and I wanted to focus on heavy rhythms and not have too many sections with musicians soloing. Also, I am a follower of Ifa ( Yoruba spiritual belief system ) and I wanted to represent the culture through the music as a way of introduction to Africans in America.

Do you plan to continue to be primarily instrumental (or is that an assumption on my part)?

Well, I am currently in the process of developing the next full length album and it will feature more vocal tracks from eclectic singers. It will be a mixture of sample based music and live instruments. We should begin production early 2007 if everything falls into place. Also, Milford B. Keyes (president of Golden Scarab Music) and my brother are trying to convince me to put out another instrumental album. But we'll see what the future has in store.

How has the group changed/developed since it's creation?

The group will always be in a state of change and growth. Because of the busy schedule of most of the musicians that I recorded with on 'It's A New Day', it is hard to set any concrete schedule. I usually just grab who is in town and available to record. It is a natural process for me to keep the creative juices flowing.

What is your muse, what inspires you?

I gather inspiration from a lot of different things: Ifa, my wife, my children, friends, futbol, nature, books, politics… basically life and the life that I'm living.

How many albums have been created?

So far we have enough music for two more albums. If they ever see the light of day is another question.

Themes of those albums are...

Hope, peace, happiness and heavy funkiness!

Future albums/music will look and sound like...

I may do an album with my brother in the near future. But you never know with that guy because he stays busy doing scores for movies, producing and working on his own music. If it wasn't for him I would not have had the courage to strike out and follow my musical visions. He is definitely one of my favorite producer's of all time.

Guest artists? Upcoming collaborations?

Very top secret… for now…stay (in)tuned and in the light…



01. Ojo Aiku 1:56
02. Labalaba Nfo 5:36
03. Dide! Dide! Dide! 1:19
04. Dew Drops At Dawn 5:41
05. Isokan 1:13
06. Wylde Flower 3:51
07. The Next Step 2:57
08. Akuku 1:12
09. Today Is the Day 5:39
10. Voices in the Mist 1:27
11. Eternal Blossom 5:33
12. Omo Oduduwa 3:16
13. Lila Orun

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