Sep 1, 2009

Peter King - Miliki Sound / Omo Lewa

Peter King of Nigeria is perhaps better known in Europe and America than at home. this is because his "Miliki Sound" has sold very well out there, "Omolewa" is still blowing their minds like nobody's business, and they agree that the essential Peter King is "A Soulful Peter King" Needless to say that they also realise that Peter's "Moods" are many and varied.

A Lot has been said and written about the musical career and life of Peter King, but suffice it to say that outside of the great Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Peter is the only true and formidable multi-instumentalist on the scene today, very proficient in the technical execution of all the instruments in the reed family. A devoted jazz musician, Peter's tonal conception is in the Rollins-Ammons-Coltrane tradition.



01. Jo Jolo
02. Boleya Koya
03. Iya La Jole
04. Ijo Olomo
05. Elezy
05. Gyinmi Komo


01. Omo Lera
02. Yere Africa
03. Afro Funk
04. Eda
05. Ajo
06. Congo
07. Ko Dara


  1. Where is the best place to find Peter's music?

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  3. check out:

  4. 4 CDs reissued on Mr Bongo Records - Shango, African Dialects, Miliki Sound and Omo Lewa