Sep 21, 2009

Afrobeat Down - Lamb Of The Body


AfroBeat Down: L.A.'s Premier Afrobeat Ensemble, delivers driving, raw, un-cut African Funk straight to your Nyash; making your body move and shake to the rhythms of Nigeria circa 1970. ABD's 10-15 members strong are inspired and dedicated to maintaining the Afrobeat musical tradition; the legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. ABD's message is fused in Power packed, Political, Polyrhythmic Consciousness focused on bringing people together to fight Oppression and enjoy a peaceful, light filled life. Aloha.

"...Oppressors, Destroyers, masochists can never be great people. Creativity, not destruction, should be the yardstick of greatness. If you cannot create anything that will make your own life, or that of a fellow human, happier, then get out of the way. Split! Disappear! And give others a chance."

"Thanks for keeping the Afrobeat burning on the West Coast!" - Martin Perna , Antibalas

"They got the Afrobeat thang hooked up!" - Sandra Izsadore , Fela's "Africa '70"

"Fela Kuti fanatics should not miss the dance infused jams of Afrobeat Down..." - Contra Costa Times.

"For five years, L.A.'s Afrobeat Down has dedicated itself to celebrating the life of Fela Kuti.... Not content to be just a cover band, the group has written its own songs as well. ABD's first album, 2005's Lamp of the Body, is heavy on the sax and rhythm section, but the only cover is a live version of "Gentleman." Afrobeat Down's Web site ( reveals a growing network of American Fela disciples, from collectives like Antibalas to the singer Wunmi." - Tamara Palmer , SF WEEKLY.

"Southern California's Afrobeat Down is known as its area's premier Afrobeat combo, one with an unabashed desire to re-create the hard-driving funky sound of its early-’70s inspirations." - San Francisco Bay Guardian.


01. Communicate
02. Lebanon
03. Lamb of th body
04. Dubversion
05. Gentleman (Live)

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