Sep 3, 2009

Afrodizz - Kif Kif


Afrodizz are a young afro funk band who have rapidly become Canada's finest afro beat outfit. The band was formed in 2002 under the lead of Gabriel Aldama, jazz guitarist. The work of Fela Kuti was the first base on which the Afrodizz project was inspired. but they don't content themselves with pure afro beat sound, the eight musicians use their jazz experience to expand the original pieces with a modern urban touch.

Vance Payne's voice has the depth and the warmness of soul, the brass section composed with Frédé Simard on tenor saxophone, David Carbonneau on trumpet and François Glidden on baritone saxophone enrich the band's sound with power and punch, the rhythm section composed with Jean-Philippe Goncalves on drums, François Vincent on percussion and François Plante on bass are the masters of trance from their rich musical experience, finally, Gabriel Aldama, who composed most of the original tracks, is in charge of the funky and festive dimension of the band.

Afrodizz play regularly around Montreal and the Canadian provinces and the public's response is unanimous: Afrodizz provide a show that imposes to the body the vibrations of trance! Afrodizz play a music that is total, it pleases the body and the brains as well.

After a noticed participation to the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2003 where it was chosen as the revelation of the year in the Tropiques series, Afrodizz got known in all Quebec province by touring from Hull to Tadoussac. The focus of the band is now aiming on Europe.


The Afrodizz sound grew out of Nigerian 1970s Afrobeat, a mix of traditional African harmonies and rhythms with Afro-American soul, funk and jazz. Formed in 2002 by jazz guitarist Gabriel Aldama, this Montreal-based powerhouse has quickly become one of Canada's premiere Afrobeat outfits. Inspired by legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, the group’s eight stellar musicians use their jazz experience to bring a modern urban touch to the foundation sound, including compositions by Fela Kuti and his son Femi.

Afrodizz plays regularly all over Montreal and across Canada, and audiences everywhere agree: this group will really move you—literally! Their live performances are bona fide dance floor burners.

Afrodizz is Vance Payne, vocals; Gabriel Aldama, guitar; Frédé Simard, tenor sax; François Glidden, baritone sax; David Carbonneau, trumpet; François Plante, bass; François Vincent, percussion; and Jean Philippe Goncalves, drums.


Montréal has a pretty good rep as far as urban centres go: so much style, diversity and joie de vivre, that people talk about the weather second. We may have more hard-core bicycle riders and better skiing, but Montréal has more clubs, live music and dancers. Lots more.

So when a Montréal band has a good club rep there, and can become the talked about band at their jazz festival, you know it's a band that can rock whatever house, party or park they turn up at.

Their music is inspired by Fela Kuti, the Nigerian poet, musician and community leader whose music was so original and so powerful that he practically defines a genre, Afrobeat, with a groove that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Bo Didley. Afrobeat is the spirit of resistance, coming to us through horns, guitars, voices and drums. Part James Brown, part Noam Chomsky, and a whole lot of Africa, these rhythms have evolved over centuries, bringing people together to feel the energy, to dance, to love and to take action. It speaks to and inspires those beyond the secure perimeters of global finance where trade is a weapon. Small wonder Fela's Afrobeat music captured the ears and imaginations of people around the world. It's a global groove, a sound and a style that can take root anywhere and embrace the musical and social realities of the people who make it, and the people who move to it.

Fela died at age 59 of complications due to AIDS. He was, and still is, an inspiring artist and, like Bob Marley, many young musicians have found themselves drawn to Afrobeat all around the world. Fela Kuti, Marley, and Miles and Mingus, were all working in racist environments. Anger was the energy fuelling their creativity. The groove continues, but few bring to it the fierce passion in Fela's lyrics.

Afrodizz creates music and lyrics that stay true to these roots while also reflecting their current realities, roots and understandings, all informed by life in a cosmopolitan Canadian city, with influences from different kinds of great music. Inevitably and naturally, their groove draws on jazz, punk and joie de vivre. This is their first trip to Vancouver.



01. Kif Kifb 12:20
02. No Time 7:13
03. Face 7:21
04. Propaganda 8:38
05. 2nd Rising 10:13
06. Assez 11:53
07. Go Go 15.44

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