Sep 7, 2011

Canadian Afrobeat: Miami Device

Miami Device is a 9-piece Afro-beat/Funk band based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since their inception in 2007 the band has grown from a small four-piece funk experiment into the deep grooving, Fela Kuti inspired, juggernaut that exists today. With heavy driven horns atop syncopated guitars and layered percussion they produce a dance inducing, highly energetic live show.

The band boasts an incredible roster of local talent including members of Five Alarm Funk, Rude City Riot, The Carnival Band and Foundation. Their dynamic, rhythmically complex and extremely funky live show has seen them share the stage with internationally acclaimed acts like K-OS and Chin Chin.

In 2008 the band had it's first release of a self titled EP for which they undertook all recording, mixing and creative duties. A new full length album is scheduled to be released in late summer of 2011 and is highly anticipated. A tour throughout Canada is scheduled to follow.

Miami Device's live show is a truly memorable experience. An incredibly unique sound and an energetic live show keeps venues packed to the brim and fans consistently coming back again and again. They are certainly one of the top up and coming live acts in Western Canada.

Miami Device


1. Illogico
2. Taurus
3. Monopoly

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