Sep 19, 2011

Stoneface Iwuagwu - Happy Birthday

Stoneface was already a veteran of the Nigerian music scene when he formed this band [Remark: Stoneface And Life Everlasting] and cut their only 45 in 1973. Starting with the Tall Men in the mid 60's, Stoneface was soon asked to join the Postmen with legendary guitarist Goddy Oku and the great Sonny Okosuns. After a stint in the Hygrades he formed his own group with Kingsley "Dallas" Anyanwu (from the high school band Dee-Mites), lead guitarist Maurice "Jackie Moore" Anyaorah (from Salt & Pepper Organisation), rhythm guitarist Roy Obika and bassist Jimi Henshaw--and formed Life Everlasting.


01. Happy Birthday
02. Lonely Singer
03. Nana
04. Can't Stop
05. Burning
06. Twinkle Little Star
07. My Baby, Another Man's
08. Kpum Kpum Mkpu Ogele


  1. Is there possibly a link to download this album? I have always wanted to hear some of his work...

    1. Unfortunately not, I also do not own the album and also could not find it somewhere ...