Sep 28, 2011

Hot Club Afrobeat Orchestra (download)

More than twelve years after his death in 1997, the Afrobeat of Fela Kuti Black President, a mixture of sounds and pulsating African jazz and funk, is more popular than ever: a musical on Broadway and mounted a feature film on its life currently filming retrace his extraordinary destiny.

Founded in 2008 at the Hot Club de Lyon, the group variable geometry honors the Nigerian saxophonist and singer with a background of ten to fifteen musicians gathered around Benjamin Valfroy, former keyboard Super Etoile de Dakar Youssou N'Dour, and musicians from groups such as Mei Tei Sho, Dokhandème, Gnawa Diffusion, Maxxo, Imperial Kikiristan, Gipsy Groove Gang, or Djazia Satour Thirsty Selenite Band ...

Similar to a group, the Hot Club Afrobeat Orchestra surrounded by scenes from different projects and asked: In October 2009, it Dele Sosimi, former keyboard musical director of Fela and Femi Kuti and his drummer Kunle Olofinjana who were invited to three concerts (the Hot Club and the Macon Music Cellar). The opportunity to refine the standard repertoire of Fela (Water No Get Enemy, Lady, Gentleman, Colomentality, Sorrow Tears & Blood, Zombie, Shakara, Shuffering & Shmiling, Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am) in the presence of a "bandleader" respected, and work some of his compositions (Local Champion, BBENY). Throughout the concerts, the group also rubbed the flow of Afrobeat riddims MC's and singers such as Peter Solo, Nasree, Patrice Kalla, Gas, or Lee Harvey Razamike Asphalt. Fruitful meetings with music makes great improvisation.


Hot Club Afrobeat Orchestra by hotclubafrobeat

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