Oct 7, 2011

From France: Bim Bam Orchestra - Nuits Minuscules

Afrobeat and to support its directory, feed it to hip hop, funk, jazz and Ethiopian music: this is the project around which met in 2009 twelve musicians from different backgrounds to form the Bim Bam Orchestra.

The Bim Bam Orchestra released their first album: "Night tiny" and presents a selection of seven titles, including five original compositions.

Recorded live on analog equipment, with vintage microphones and instruments, this album shows a trip to the sources of his Afrobeat. But if the twelve Bim Bam Orchestra musicians have forged their style in the heart of the repertoire of Fela Kuti, the father of the genre, they do not offer at least a replay enriched by the diversity of their influences: a decidedly African groove, mixed in funk, hip hop and Latin motifs, themes with strong Caribbean accents or Ethiopian.

The five compositions of "Night tiny" are like the Bim Bam Orchestra: eclectic, colorful, cut to the scene, full of energy, inspiration and leaving a nice room for improvisation.

Over the tracks, the voices follow each other, the instruments change hands. Both titles are taken from Fela Kuti the opportunity to discover the ones invited to the group. This first album is offered as an invitation to travel, sharing, and an irresistible call to dance, to trance.

Bim Bam Orchestra

Unfortunately, no tracklist can be found of this album, not quite sure if the album is already publised ... just await some news myself!

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  1. Went to their show last nite in Paris, really great!
    Listening to this CD right now... here's the tracklisting :
    1. Micronite 5:35
    2. Coffin 6:11
    3. JJD 5:18
    4. Suis Moi Je Te Fuis 6:39
    5. Impérial Hôtel 4:00
    6. Sofa king 6:18
    7. Sous Le Soleil De Ma Pupuce 6:58
    Djouls / Paris DJs