Oct 11, 2011

Pidgin Band - The Breaks

Pidgin band is an nine-membered wall of sound hailing from the thriving music scene on norman ok. Showcasing literacy in genres such as afrobeat, fuzz funk, and psychedelia. They collage these influences along with others into their very own sonic pidgin language. Coming out of the norman festival and an ep release with a head full of steam, the year old band's rowers show no signs of slowing and only they know where they are going.


Pidgin is defined as a mixing of two languages. In Hawaii they have a mixed language that they speak, as well as in New Orleans (creole). Nigeria uses a form of english that is known as "Pidgin English" or "Broken English". When the group first started playing together, the variety of styles was immediately present. Try as they might to stick to traditional afrobeat styles, they soon 'let go of the reigns' and let Pidgin Band explore the unknown. So with this mixture of styles rooted in afrobeat, Pidgin Band was able to hit the streets.

After a plethora of shows, a small tour, and a live video shoot, the band has settled into a unique sounding group with its roots in afrobeat but carrying on much further. You can expect madness at a Pidgin Band show, a rhythm section that chugs like a speeding locomotive, and a guitar section that is able to switch from cog in the machine to psychedelic bliss in a heartbeat. Horns that rip through, and a low end that will shake your precious whiskey & coke.



Pidgin Band @ Soundcloud:

Orange Line After 9 by Pidgin Band

Doja by Pidgin Band

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Pidgin Band Homepage


1. Company Man
2. St. Pterodacyl
3. Doja
4. Orange Line After 9
5. The Ballad of Gus
6. The Itis
7. The Ugly

The disc is available at cdbaby.com!

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