Oct 20, 2011

From Ghana: De Frank Professionals

There is no doubt though that De Frank was the one who marked the era, and above all, created a new trend. Born De Frank Kakrah in 1953 in Lomé, a border town between Togo and Ghana, he started out in music as a percussionist, but later moved on to drums and eventually became a singer. Difficulties in keeping a consistent line-up together meant that De Frank passed from one group to another until in 1976 he formed The Professionals. At that time all the kids in Ghana were influenced by Fela Kuti, Wilson Pickett, Willie Bobo and the musicians who had played at the memorable Soul to Soul. De Frank followed suit, but added more of a disco style to his sound and his attire, which, with his kung fu shoes and number-52 flares, turned him into a west-African version of Simon El Africano. Endorsed by the DJs of Accra, who saw him as just right for the time, he had several hits, especially his album Psychedelic Man.



01. Afe Ato Yen Bio
02. Yare Ye Ya
03. Sometimes We Love
04. We Can Take Time
05. Onipa Be Yee Bi
06. Medley


  1. I loved Frank's song on AfroBeat Airlines. Can we get a download of his album?

    Chris http://www.routesdafrique.nodsense.com/

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  3. Unfortunately I also do not own this album and until now it is nowhere officially re-published, therefore, no chance so far to get this album I guess. Sorry ...


  4. "we can take time" one of the best pop songs ever made. Brilliant.

    1. Listening to it repeatedly right now....... brilliant is not enough! :o)

  5. This is where I download brilliant music: http://www.glitzandarmour.com/august/