Nov 8, 2011

Bob Pinodo – Show Master Of Africa

No information at all, just that he's from Ghana and the album was released by Essiebons 1978.


01. Peep To See
02. Love Is Love
03. Africa
04. The Girl With Guitar Shape
05. Disco Dance
06. Yesu Ne M'agyenkwa
07. Come Back Love
08. Darling


  1. Bob Pinodo is from Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana. He was also the vocalist for the Essiebons super group Apagya Show Band. He more recently put together a Highlife Band for the University of Education at Winneba, Ghana. His longstanding producer Essiebons is coming out with a new retrospective which includes material from all his three Essiebons albums released between 1978 and 1984.

  2. Announcing a new Bob Pinodo compilation from Essiebons -

  3. Where exactly can I get a copy of Bob Pinodo's album ?

    1. Unfortunately cannot tell you, cannot find any other alubum either ...

    2. Bob Pinodo is back on the road, follow his official twitter feed @BPinodoOfficial to know what is happening with the show master of Africa