Nov 14, 2011

From Brazil: Bixiga 70 (free download)


With co-production of Victor Rice, Big Band originated in the traditional district of São Paulo brings together ten members from different backgrounds and presents copyright instrumental compositions with elements of Brazilian music, Latin and African dance and inspired themes in

The Bixiga70 big band released their first album, titled, with co-production of Victor Rice in concert, on November 1 (Tuesday), one of the most representative streets of the neighborhood in which the project was born. The night also marks the debut of the festival "Dance of the Bixiga70" to be held monthly in the street space Thirteen May and integrates action to revitalize the neighborhood of Bixiga, led by the band. "Bixiga70" will be available in its entirety for download on the band and have versions with careful art, vinyl and CD, released by the label ÁguaForte, Thiago Cury, specializing in special projects. The song "Malaika di Theme" and its dub version, produced by Victor Rice, were released in limited edition vinyl 7 compact. "

With the signed cover MZK DJ and artist, the album, recorded in the studio rattletrap, brings ten instrumental tracks, all songs copyright except "Desengano the Vista", the cult music composer and percussionist Brazilian Pedro Santos. The choice of a version of Sorong (also known as Santos), who followed in the 60's names like Baden Powell, Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, Mandolin Jacob and Clara Nunes, illustrates the proposal to rescue the band sounds in contemporary arrangements and tropical. Copan mixed in the studio by Victor Rice, the album was mastered at Red Traxx Music by Philip Tichauer.

The project was born from the joining of ten well-known musicians of the scene in Sao Paulo that have in common rattletrap work done in the studio, located at 70th Street Thirteen of May, in the heart of the bohemian center of Sao Paulo. The members of Bixiga70 collaborate with various bands and artists such as Junio ​​Barreto, Rockers Control, Anelis Assumption, Project Fine Thing, ProjetoNave, Gafieira National Pipo Pegoraro, Cavalcanti and Otis Leo Trio. Gathered explore elements of Brazilian music, Latin and African dances to create themes and inspired.

Considered by many the birthplace of samba São Paulo, the neighborhood also hosts the Bixiga and feeds the imagination of ten musicians who seek closer ties between past and future through music reading a cosmopolitan countries like Ghana and Nigeria, the drums and the terraces samba, music and Malinké an unpretentious attitude and without limits for improvisation and dance.

The versatility of Bixiga70 has swung the guitar riffs Scabello Cris, who for more than a decade dedicated to dub, psychedelic keyboards Maurice Fleury, who researches and explores the Latin sounds electronic territory, African drum rhythms of Decius 7, and improvisational quartet of metals immersed in the world of jazz and funk. In addition to being the core of the project, Decius, and Fleury Scabello divide disc production with Rice. Rounding out the team, Marcelo Dworecki (bass), Romulus Nardi (percussion), Gustavo De Cecco (percussion), Cuca Ferreira (baritone sax and piccolo), Daniel Nogueira (tenor sax), Ali Douglas (trombone) and Daniel Crow (trumpet).

With only one year on the road and all luggage brought by these ten musicians, Bixiga70 was considered one of the best shows of 2010 by the specialized press and filled the Teatro SESC Pompeii in historical presentation on the project's Silver House.


01. Grito de Paz
02. Luz Vermelha
03. Tema di Malaika
04. Mancaleone
05. Zambo Beat
06. Balboa da Silva – homenagem a Nilson Garrido
07. Desengano da Vista
08. Balboa Dub
09. Dub di Malaika
10. Dub Vermelho

To download, check here and press "baixar":

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