Nov 24, 2011

Kelenkye Band - Moving World

Accra band about which little is known, but they flutter through almost as many styles as there are tracks on the record. There's definitely some blistering fuzzed-out afrobeat, but also straight up reggae, organ funk vamps, and a little happy highlife. Guitar isn't at the front of the mix, with some awesomely distorited organ taking the spotlight, especially on the spicier cuts.


Legendary, hard-grooving, mid-seventies Afro-funk and disco from Ghana, with the underground-boogie shark-attack Jungle Music. Presented impeccably in fine, rigid sleeves made in Japan, and well-pressed. Killer!


01. Moving World
02. Dracula Dance
03. Brotherhood Of Man
04. No One Is Born To Suffer
05. Groovy Love
06. Jungle Music
07. Wale Tobite
08. Kelenkye

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