Nov 25, 2011

Compaoré Issouf And The Noble Kings - Kadiogo

Total hypnosis... you ride on a Camel...sand on your skin... your bones heated up... desert as far as your can see...lost sens of orientation… the Harmattan blows on your cheeks. Your sight becomes blurred… encens plumes … the snake charmer… the dancer's belly…misleading glows…the buried oasis…1001 nights… hallucination ? No, Kadiago is probably not a mirage… you certainly are where you think you are. Compare Issouf brought you there. And he will take you there as often as you wish.

A must have !!!!!


01. Kadiogo
02. Saagha
03. J'Ai Vingt Ans
04. Mariam
05. Dis Lui Que Je L'Attends


  1. Thanks brother for this compilation that you have but it would be so kind to give us some links of this beautiful album thank you for your good blog that has congratulations ...

  2. Unfortunately I also do not own this album ...