Jan 25, 2016

From Ghana: Andy Vans - Come Closer

Unfortunately cannot find any information on this one ...


A1 Try To Give 2:45
A2 Paper Wrapped Pusher 3:02
A3 Biggy Do 4:20
A4 Ebusua Esuon 4:13
A5 Medze Ndaa Se Be Ma Nyame 3:40
A6 Come Closer 3:08
B1 Nsem Yi Adooso 2:32
B2 Onyame Sian 4:18
B3 Daabaa Adwendwen 3:15
B4 Dofo Ndyi Ekyir 5:03
B5 Two Man 3:30
B6 Hom Nsom No 3:20


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