Oct 27, 2014

From France: Afro Social Club - Sittin' On A Bomb

Afro Social Club is a french collective of 9 musicians gathered around Fela Kuti's legacy.

We all share the same passion for afrobeat and its most recent declensions, building our own music, in the name of the groove and spirit of this powerful sound.

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1. Road Runner 08:42 
2. Aynalem 05:32 
3. The Cast 07:38 
4. Soyinka 06:09 
5. Agbaja 06:29 
6. YWBB 06:02 
7. King Bill 09:09

1 comment:

  1. merci beacoup for the tip mr. Follow Follow, indeed a BOMB !
    grrrreat stuff....