Oct 6, 2014

More zamrock ... Harry Mwale Experience

Harry Mwale Experience - Harry Mwale Experience 
Another rare Zamrock album comes to light with the Harry Mwale Experience. The sole and lone album from the legendary figure is fully licensed, and is a blend of psychedelic rock, ethnic psychedelic (with fuzz guitar) and even some soul. Overall a very robust and strong effort with above average fidelity as compared to most Zamrock releases, and one of the more obscure and harder to find records from Zambia, as well as one of the more unique. Limited to 500 copies on LP, one time limited edition pressing. For fans of BLO, WITCH, Salty Dog, Amanaz, The Peace, Survival and other afro rock albums. Look out for our upcoming Zamrock selections as we have a lot to roll out, including some from the original master tapes! 
A1 Doing Up
A2 Don't Feel Shy
A3 In The Midair
A4 Mkango
B1 Osaye Party
B2 Forgotten Islands
B3 Njanji
B4 Osaye

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  1. Wow! Am amazed to come across this. Have wondered for years what happened to Harry Mwale. He and Greg Miyanda (the late?) and John Mwansa (also late) had a group called OSAYE which was unfortunately quite shortlived. I only saw them once in Ndola, Zambia. One saturday afternoon in '77 or '78 in the open back garden of the old Falcon Hotel in Ndola I was doing a sound check with a band I was in and Harry walked in and observed us going about our business while he had a quiet drink. I was attempting a melody on an electric organ and promptly fluffed it on seeing Harry. He didn't seem to mind though and stayed on long enough to chat to us young musicians later. I saw Greg Miyanda on and off in the ensuing years but not Harry. Have always wanted to ask him why Osaye split. They were a really good band. Anyway, nice to see this recording seeing the light of day again.