Nov 26, 2014

From Benin: Stanislas Tohon - Koudé Alafia Tchink System

This album is a masterpiece. Totally afrobeat taken from traditional tchinkoume rhythm of Benin that Stanislas Tohon wonderfully modernized. Recorded in Côte d'Ivoire and Produced by famous Papa Disco, the orchestration, the arrangements and especially the density of the recording make this record unique. It is also very rare and hard to find.



STANISLAS TOHON “Dans Le Tchink Système »

Afro-Soul holy grail by the “Soul Brother From Benin“, featuring the famous “Vis à Vis” band from Ghana and recorded in Kumasi in 1979.

Stanislas Tohon aka Papy Grande was born in the “ Country of the kings ” (Benin), in Abomey 1955. He’s “Chevalier de la legion d’honneur” in Benin for his brilliant musical career.

The famous soul singer from Cotonou started his musical career at the age of 9 , played with the greatest such as Gnonnas Pedro and recorded almost 35 albums. Influenced by the traditional “Tchingoume “ music , he invented his own rhythm called “Tchink Système”, a mix of soul and Beninese traditional rhythm .

“Dans le Tchink Système” is a four track album recorded in Ghana on 24 analog tracks channel  with the incredible “Vis à Vis Band”, included a rare version of his first 7 inch “Africa “  that he recorded a year before with “Les Satelites” from Cotonou.

Sang in Fon, his native language from Benin, this album is a soulful call for peace and unity in Africa, a real definition of Afro Soul music !

This extremely scarce and obscure record is now remastered and stricltly limited to 1000 copies . Official Licence available Dec 10 th 2014 .



A1 Dja Dja Dja 4:46
A2 Yallow2 5:05
B1 O Kou 5:25
B2 Paix Lo. 4:05


  1. Thanks for this infectious stuff

  2. From what I've read, there's absolutely no mention regarding any of the Vis-a-Vis members performing on this record? Where did you get that information?

    Additionally, these players are listed on the Youtube site, clearly not Vis-a-Vis. Please clarify, thanks:

    Musicale & arrangement : Tohon Stan
    Lead vocal direction : Tohon Stan
    Guitare : Jules Kanga
    Bass : Michel Alibo
    Batterie : Valéry Lobe
    Trompette : Richard Descieu
    Sax Alto & Tenor : Priso Féfé
    Trombone : Roger Kom
    Clavier : Jean-Claude Naimero
    Tumba : percussions traditionnelles