Jul 6, 2015

"Sekunde" by Gyedu Blay Ambolley

A great new album from this 70s Afro Funk legend – work that shows that Gydeu Blay Ambolley hasn't lost a bit of his groove over the years! There's a really great approach to the album that keeps things fresh – a sound that's lean and stripped-down, and not overproduced at all – creating a vibe that almost makes you think the record came from some Ghanian studio in the 70s! Gyedu Blay handles lead vocals and tenor, and the set features loads of tight percussion that bubbles along beautifully in an Afro Funk groove – plus tight horns on the top, and a bit of fuzzy guitar to give things a nice edge. Lyrics are nice and sharp, and titles include "Afrika Yie", "Game", "Bad Bad Boy", "Blakk Man Dey Suffer", "E Dey Walk For Ground", "Viktims", and "O Maame O Papa.


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