Sep 30, 2012

GET a rare sampler of Zimbabwe!! NOW!!!


 Today I got an email I do not just wanna keep for myself but to share with you folks, therefore, here we go:

"I recently made a discovery at a local record store where I found a record called "Stars Of 82" in a box with World Music. As it turned out it was a compilation of artists from Zimbabwe all recorded in the Shed Studios in Harare (which later brought out the Bhundu Boys who apparently attracted the attention of DJs like John Peel or Andy Kershaw in the mid 80s as I read on Wikipedia). So I made an internet-research to get track of this recording but it appears to be completely unknown as well as the artists on it!

The compilation seems to be more or less a prism of Zimbabwe's post Independence music scene from the early 80s gathering traditionally oriented Highlife as well as Hard Rock (by a group called Dagger reminding me of the legendary 70s combo Witch from Zambia).

The highlight of this compilation however is a band also called Witch (clearly a different group) whose music can be described as a cosmic flavoured Disco Funk in the tradition of maybe Chic or Sister Sledge with hypnotic slap bass lines and vocals in English. Both tracks on the compilation are true gems and I figure that the rare groove diggers in particular could be excited to learn that they are out there.

Allthough I have a great affection for rare Funk & Soul music myself, I'm not really into social networking - I don't even have a facebook account. So I thought if you are interested to check this record out and maybe post it (or know someone else who would), please feel free to do so. I gathered everything in a folder that you can download:

 If you think I overrated my discovery, just ignore it - and keep up the good work!

Best, Nik"


The music scene in Zimbabwe has certainly changed with the advent of Independence. In April 1980, the scope for local artists was limited to the confines of this country and although international music could be heard here, there was not much chance for our artists to be heard outside Zimbabwe. Times have changed and so has our music. Take a listen to some of the music that our local boys have produced and immediately it can be seen that there is great depth of talent in Zimbabwe, that will almost certainly have an effect on the rest of the world. Improved technology in the recordings and a great desire by the artists themselves to improve their sound, has result in far better sound quality, which has in the past often been neglected.

Take a listen to 'STARS OF 82' and see what I mean.

Best wishes

Josh Makawa


FORMER radio personality, Josh Makawa has died.

Makawa who was 40 died of kidney failure at Harare's Avenues Clinic.
He is survived by two sons, Leroy, 16, and Tyler, 14. He had been on separation from his wife, Rosemary Francis for four years.

A relative Fanny Nyamukondiwa said Makawa was admitted to hospital on Monday. Born on 24 November 1959, Makawa attended Mutasa Primary School in Highfield before enrolling at Highfield Community School for his secondary education.

In 1978, at 19, he became the youngest and one of the first black disc jockeys on the then Radio Jacaranda, presenting the Dairibord Top 20. His programmes were popular with youths. At independence Makawa was among the founder presenters at Radio Three together with John Matinde, the late Pat Bajila, Admire Taderera, Caleb Thondhlana and the late Elvis Chimene. He later became a household name on Radio Three and inspired a whole generation of club and radio disc jockeys who imitated his style. He ventured into acting and featured as a police officer in „Tuxedo Warrior“ a film featuring South African actor, Kenny Gamble.

In 1983, he was the compere at reggae star, Jimmy Cliff's show at Rufaro Stadium.



1. Witch "My Desire" 3.15
2. Maratu Bros. "Makona" 3.22
3. Runn "Mother" 3.25
4. Rising Power "Mukadzi wa Mukoma" 3.20
5. Same Age Boys "Zimbabwe (Part One)" 3.19
6. Dagger "Love is killing me" 3.16

1. Rising Power "Amenya Mwana" 3.19
2. Dagger "Gone Wild" 3.19
3. Runn "Lend me the night" 3.24
4. Maratu Bros. "Hama Dzangu" 3.18
5. Same Age Boys "Musango maive neyi" 3.19
6. Witch "Movin' on" 3.15


NIK, thank you very much for this amazing record!!!