Nov 5, 2015

From Brazil: Abeokuta Afrobeat

Afrobeat group influenced by music and African culture.

When merging jazz, funk and percussion to design the pace which would bring African music to a contemporary level and full of swing and positive social criticism, the multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti won the world with the energetic and consistent 'afrobeat', around 60s The letters were wandering among the Yoruba (African dialect) and English gave birth to a new musical concept. As a precursor of this musical genre, inspired artists around the world to move and expose their ideals. In Recife, the Abeokuta band follows the musical precepts successive level by master Fela Kuti. The name of the group was inspired by the hometown African musician: Abeokuta, Nigeria.

The Abeokuta band adds the 'afrobeat' footprint to popular culture found in Pernambuco rhythms. To adorn the afrobeat with the guise of popular music (maracatus, caboclinhos and afoxés from the musical experiences of percussionists), the band approaches the listeners with the regional identification. It can be said that the sound of Abeokuta translates a new experience tied to familiarity.

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