Sep 19, 2014

Mr Voodoofunk presents ... First Planet - Top Of The World

First Planet - Top Of The World 
Afro-space-disco contagion — shuffling and wiggling, synthy and bubbling — from this re-incarnation of Willy Nfor’s Mighty Flames, recruited mostly from the wave of Cameroonian musicians drawn to Nigeria in the late-1970s by its heavy new funk sound. After a stint at the Right Time studio in Onitsha, the FP cadets ended up at Phonodisk in Lagos, quickly in high demand as session-players, running First Planet on the side with other Nigerian session players from the Onitsha/Awka axis. Its name was intended to evoke the cool obliqueness of US handles like Brass Construction and Lakeside, and the mothership connection of chocolate-city P-Funk. Soon Vincent Omoko and the other Planeteers would travel to Port Harcourt, working in Geraldo Pino’s band for several years. 
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A1 Top Of The World
A2 I Believe In Someone
A3 The Colour Of Black
B1 I Wanna Thank You Baby
B2 Work Hard (Every Day)
B3 Beatrice

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