Aug 31, 2012

Sensemaya Afrobeat All-Stars


Since 2003, the Sensemaya Afrobeat All-Stars have been leading the way as a beacon for afrobeat/funk fusion in New Jersey. Profoundly influenced by afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti and his sons as well as modern American afrobeat bands such as Antibalas and Budos Band, Sensemaya strives to achieve a unique sound. Founded as a student band at Princeton University, Sensemaya’s energy on stage has made it an unofficial institution for the dissemination of funky vibes on the university's campus for the past 9 years. To that end, the group performs from a growing repertoire of fresh original songs as well as some classic afrobeat tunes. The All-Stars recorded their first album in May of 2011, titled Weapon of the Future and featuring eight original tracks, fusing hard-hitting afro grooves with electronic sounds and cutting vocals. With 10 or more members on stage at any given time, the band is an eclectic mix of musicians who believe that there if there is one thing that will save us all, it's funky music. If the music doesn't get you on your feet in one second, you probably forgot to take your earplugs out.

For the past few months, Sensemaya has been working on new tracks, in anticipation for a studio session this October. Stay tuned for a forthcoming EP!

Founded in 2002 by Princeton University students, Sensemaya Afrobeat All-Stars have been providing Princeton with a much-needed dose of funkiness for almost a decade. In 2011, we recorded our debut album, Weapon of the Future, which can be downloaded from our website.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a lot of information abouth the band, but check out




I just can tell you the album is quite amazing and you should check it out!


1. Weapon of the Future
2. Tribunal
3. Indra's Knot
4. Mister
5. Pilgrimage
6. Fallacy
7. Americanize
8. Skullfukker

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