Jun 9, 2011

Cascadia '10 - Live on Sonarchy (Free Download!)

Cascadia '10 is the echo of Afrobeat in the Pacific Northwest. A sound resonating from Nigeria to the Emerald City. A small army of 11 experienced musicians bringing hypnoticly funky music to hips and feet. The members of C'10 also perform in other groups such as Marmalade, Soul Senate, TubaLuba, & Fascination Nation; and have performed in groups such as Swamp Mama Johnson, Altered States of Funk, and Sly Lothario.

C'10 has opened for for international acts such as Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars and Garaj Mahal. They are currently playing various NW venues such as Nectar, ToST Lounge, and the Seamonster.

The music of Cascadia consists mostly of original pieces, but it inherits from the rich legacy of Fela Kuti, Femi & Seun Kuti, Tony Allen, and the wellspring of music from Nigeria and throughout western Africa. But first, we are Cascadians.



1. Ojo Dojo 10:30
2. Cascadio 11:41
3. KSHG 11:35

The album is available for free at cascadia10.bandcamp.com!!! Just check it out ...

Another great concert is available for free at the amazing "Live Music Archive" including covers from "The Daktaris!


01. Intro
02. Musicawi Silt
03. Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti
04. Moongogo
05. Super Afrobeat
06. Cascadio

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