Oct 13, 2011

Classica Orchestra Afrobeat - Shrine On You

Fela Kuti used to call his afrobeat “african classical music”. The earthy funky black sound of the african political rebel is now also heard in the voice of european classical instruments. As in a mirror, the black and the white fuse opposites and shine anew. Shrine on you, Fela!

"Shrine on you" is a beloved hommage to Fela Kuti, the greatest african musical genius and political rebel of recent history, played by a chamber orchestra, formed by 11 classical and jazz musicians. Afrobeat, the politically revolutionary music Fela created, from the late '60's, blending western-african polyrhythms and chants with american funk and jazz, is alligning now to european classical music. Baroque resonances and the original arrangments by the Orchestra don't miss out the powerful and hypnotic boost of percussions and a good taste of improvisation, thanks to some extraordinary soloists. As in a round-trip travel, the syncretic cultures exchange gain a sense of redemption and joyful ceremony. While Afrobeat fever spreads worldwide, also through the Broadway musical FELA!, the countless happenings all over the continents and the many efforts to restore the pioneristic work of the nigerian genius, italian answer to the call couldn't be other than the Classica Orchestra Afrobeat.

Classica Orchestra Afrobeat


1. No Agreement
2. Mr. Follow Follow (feat. Kologbo)
3. Shenshema
4. Go Slow
5. Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am
6. Zombie (feat. Seun Kuti)
7. Tocata Per B Quadro
8. Observation Is No Crime
9. Water No Get Enemy

No Agreement by classicafrobeat

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