Sep 9, 2014

From Japan: JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra - JariBu

This guitar player definitely wears acoustic blinders. Single note lines and riffs similar to early James Brown recordings, executed with amazing perfection – one can’t imagine a more stoic performance, especially considering what’s happening at the same time: Blazing horns in unison and a slightly awry choir come together, work in opposite directions, completing a true rhythmically woven carpet with the tight rhythm section’s network: multi-layered, close-knitted and nearly impenetrable. You can’t escape from those tunes! Arms, legs and hips have to follow the pulse: one moment light-footed, the next heavy and uncompromising, fitting the distinct messages, criticizing worldwide “social absurdities” (JariBu). 

The eight Japanese Musicians led by Masamichi Ishikawa play more Funk and Jazz than the Nigerian Afrobeat originals Fela Kuti and Tony Allen did: a swift flute, a blazing trumpet playing and extensive solos from the very beginning – just check out the opener, it runs more than nine minutes! Occasionally there’s a nasty fuzz guitar which reminds one of the 1970ies, accompanied by tape hiss and amp noise. You’ve gotta love it!

Since 2009 there have been four long players by JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra. However the new “JariBu” is, similar to “Mediacracy” (Tramp Records 2012) the Tokyoites’ second Record, distributed internationally. But they have been more than well received in the past few years – the Japanese Afrobeat word has been spread in the past and will be spread even more in the future! (words by Martin Buerkl – Basement Jazz Radio Show, Munich)

“A wonderful LP, from the beginning to the end!” – The Flying Carpet radio show, Spain

“Another piece of eclectic Afro tunage from JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra well worth the wait people!” – Anthony “Aja” Allsop


1. Devil (Pt.1&2)
2. One by One
3. KEW
4. Wild Pansy
5. Afro Rodeo
6. Witness
7. Unrevealed Truth
8. Yellow Joint
9. Dancers in the Darkness
10. BOMB

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